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  • Dash Cams - 28 Media - Share you images and videos of the foolishness you caught on your dash camera.
  • Parking Shame - 9 Media - There's always that one douche bag who can't park for entitled shit.
  • Line of Duty - 4 Media - Share some human under-achiever footage you got while just trying to do your job.
  • CCTV Surveillance - 3 Media - Caught some foolish shit on CCTV or Surveillance Cameras
  • Hero Cams - 3 Media - Some cool shit people are doing that you caught on camera or video
  • Foolish Moments - 56 Media - Stupid foolish moments you caught in a pic or video.
  • Tweak & Nods - 33 Media - Their on drugs, they don't give a shit if you post'em.
  • Thieve Shame - 2 Media - The world will forever know you are a dirty taker of shit that doesn't belong to you.
Welcome to ShameFool, where you can add your videos and images of foolish shame captured around you.